Expired Film Day!

I participated in this year's Expired Film Day. It is a fun event that encourages photographers to scour the planet for expired film, load it in a camera and shoot with it. I purchase used camera equipment and sometimes run across darkroom accessories, film, paper and other photographic items. From two different photographic lots, I... Continue Reading →

Save and backup your images

There is nothing worse than losing your photographs. Either from a business perspective or from an irreplaceable family photo perspective. I have heard horror stories from people that uploaded their images to some social media platform, and then deleted the original images from their phone or camera, never saving the original file. Note to self:... Continue Reading →

It has been a busy summer/fall!

I have had a busy summer and fall catching up Retro Snapper and gathering cameras and accessories for the shop. I traveled out of state for two fantastic camera collections and will be listing these great finds on my shop in the coming weeks. I also met a great gentleman that was selling equipment from a... Continue Reading →

Go make photos!

So you are sitting there thinking of all the things you could be photographing. Maybe you are thumbing your way through photos on Pinterest or Instagram

Worldwide Pinhole photography day

I participated Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, using a camera I built in November of 1997. Yes, that was a long time ago, and it was one of my first pinhole cameras ever built. It is a wooden pinhole camera with a "pop can" pinhole, made from strips of wood purchased at the local lumber store, cut and glued together.

Developing black and white film part 2

In part one, I talked about some general tips on what to do in order to develop black and white film at home. I didn't go into the step by step basics of how to do it, there are plenty of books and online guides. I just gave you the push and confidence to develop film at home.

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