Photo of the day: rural hoops

The basketball court at Prairieview-Ogden North Elementary School backs up to the Premier Cooperative grain complex in the town of Royal, IL. This town of 279 people (as of the 2010 census) lies along the eastern border of Champaign county. Shot with a Nikon FM2n, Lensbaby Twist 60 […]

Photo of the day: Petzval woods

When you get the Lensbaby Twist 60 in the sweet spot, it produces these lovely Petzval swirls wide open at f/2.5. A 19th Century photographer would have stopped down the lens to prevent the spherical aberrations while taking landscape photographs. I say pshaw to that, let the swirlies […]

Photo of the day: night carnival

Carnivals are interesting places to make photographs. They are mini towns that appear seemingly overnight. Full of rides, games, hucksters and those that want to be seen. It was just past nightfall, and the rides were silent, waiting for the crowds to appear. This image was made from […]

Photo of the day: doorway

I remember this day. It was a warm October afternoon. The Pullman car had collapsed a bit upon itself with a large hedge growing and covering most of the windows. Inside were the belongings of someone that used it as a shelter. As I stepped inside, it was […]

Camera Review: Holga 120S

This page contains affiliate links. One of the fun things about photography is that you have such a wide assortment of cameras to choose from. I have tried a bunch, from instant to glass plate and everything in between. Most cameras, however, are technical boxes of wizardry that […]

13,000 Rolls, 312,000 frames

I was reflective this morning, thinking about my photography career and the direction it has taken me. I am fortunate to have grown into photography during one of the greatest transitions ever – from film to digital – during my lifetime. I started in the late 80’s learning […]