Welcome to my first Blog!


Welcome to my first WordPress blog!

Honestly I have been a long time writer on Blogger. It has served me well, but I really wanted a cross platform (laptop, iPad, iPhone) blog that I could work on anytime and anyplace I wanted. I have been having difficulty with the Blogger app, it will crash unexpectedly while working from a mobile device. So far I’ve found the WordPress app to be so much more robust. The mobile user interface mirrors all the tools that the main site offers. I couldn’t be happier.

Photography and writing have been a big part of my life. I made several goals for myself this year, and my big goal for 2017 is to write more content. Oh, and take more photos. Especially with film based cameras.


Retro Snapper was born out of my interest in older film based cameras. I have always used older cameras in my process, and enjoy the slower pace and less electronic intrusion so much more satisfying than using a digital camera. I also collect antique cameras and started an Etsy store  to sell antique cameras found in second hand stores, or rescued from the top shelf of a closet at an estate sale. There is a fantastic analog community out there – collecting, selling and making fantastic photographs with these cameras. I am so glad I found a group so much like myself! It has beenIMG_8008.jpg truly satisfying.

With humble beginnings I start my WordPress journey. I cannot wait to begin posting stories and articles about photography.  Please stay tuned as I write about my adventures with analog cameras. Most of all, I want to have some fun!






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