What a year!


Wow! The year has flown by that is for sure. A fantastic time to look back on my first year selling cameras at RetroSnapperShop on Etsy.

img_9925It was a great year, I could not be happier! Sales were better than expected, and I was very pleased with how things finished up. Thank you to all my great customers; without you I wouldn’t be able to have the enjoyment of finding all these wonderful cameras and offering them to you in my shop.

Also a big thank you to all those involved in the analog camera community. This includes the stores and shops that sell great analog cameras, and those that use your analog gear to take fantastic images. You folks are great, I appreciate your support and encouragement.

So how did 2016 go? I shipped cameras to 34 states, one military DPO and seven different img_9799countries. That in itself is an amazing achievement! I talked to many different people in both camera sales and camera purchases for my shop.  Small business ownership allows the one on one customer connection that I enjoy very much. Thanks to those that left feedback and positive reviews in my Etsy store. It is a true global market, with analog cameras bringing down barriers and bringing in joy and happiness.


I have a few goals for this year:

  1. Sell. Continue to bring beautiful and clean cameras to my shop. I enjoy looking for these cameras in all kinds of crazy places, and I am glad I can share them with you.
  2. Write. I started this blog a few weeks ago, and want to be able to write more about my analog adventures and share them with you. I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy the stories I will be bringing to you.
  3. Shoot. Working on the store side had been my main focus. I cannot wait to make some great images with analog cameras this year.
  4. Print. The darkroom is all but set up and ready to go. Honestly November and December sales were overwhelming, and I wanted to start printing this fall. Now that I have made it through the fall holiday gauntlet, I hope to start printing again.
  5. Fun! Have fun. Taking pictures, talking about cameras, and sharing info and tips with people is fun to me. I want 2017 to be a whole lot of fun!!!!

So I raise my glass to a wonderful 2016, and hope to continue the momentum into 2017. Stay tuned 🙂





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