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10 reasons to shoot with a film camera

Film cameras come in all shapes and sizes and many different film formats. There is something for everyone.

Break out your film gear. Here are 10 reasons to shoot with a film camera:

  1. Film cameras are available for any person at any skill level. From point and shoot to view cameras and everything in between. There is something for everyone.
  2. Limited frame count helps you concentrate more on each image you make. A roll of 24 frames makes you think about the importance of each image.
  3. Less electronics to worry about and distract from composition. No screen to check and less buttons to fiddle with. Also, some film cameras work without batteries. No worries about running low on power.
  4. Lens and camera selection is plentiful. Over 150 years of photography has a lot of gear out there to choose from.
  5. The end product from a film camera is usually a print of some kind. This frees your images to be held, passed and shown in places other than your phone screen or computer monitor.
  6. A well made all metal camera made in the mid 20th century will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Can you say the same thing about your digital camera or your phone?
  7. Older film cameras usually have prime lenses (single focal length) rather than zoom lenses. This forces you to use your feet to “zoom” and you become more active in making images.
  8. Patience. After carefully framing your photo, wisely choosing each image, you need to wait to see your film developed and see your results. There is a thrill of seeing your images with a bit of time to pause and reflect.
  9. Relearn the basics of photography. The more manual the camera the more you are in control of the final image. Aspects like aperture, lens choice and shutter speed teach you a lot about how your camera and how your images are made.
  10. It is a lot of fun! I  genuinely enjoy shooting with film cameras. It is a blast for all the reasons mentioned above and more.

If you love shooting with film cameras, let us know in the comments below. Go out and make some great photos!

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