Go make photos!


So you are sitting there thinking of all the things you could be photographing. Maybe you are thumbing your way through photos on Pinterest or Instagram. Or reading your favorite blog or article on photography. You look wistfully at your camera and think about going out to take some pictures – but you don’t go. You keep reading, over analyzing, thinking of new gear you need to make the shoot happen etc. etc. etc.


camera bag

Stop thinking that you cannot make those photos. Your equipment is fine, probably more than fine. The photo you have envisioned is out there. It is waiting for you to go find it.

I have had all of these roadblocks and more. (I need to do more research, pick the right camera and lens for the shoot, think of a series or photo story and mentally put the missing pieces together before starting the project, on and on and on).

Perfect photos come out of imperfect circumstances. I usually come out with something even more creative and more exciting than I ever dreamt up as I was overworking the photo idea rather than just going out to make the darn photo!

Put down that phone, or log off of that laptop. Pick up that camera you have been neglecting and take it with you.

Now go Shoot!

Retro Snapper is devoted to film and analog cameras. We write stories, review equipment and have an Etsy store full of retro camera goodness.



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