It has been a busy summer/fall!

I have had a busy summer and fall catching up Retro Snapper and gathering cameras and accessories for the shop. I traveled out of state for two fantastic camera collections and will be listing these great finds on my shop in the coming weeks. I also met a great gentleman that was selling equipment from a 1980’s era high school yearbook and newspaper photo staff. Included are cameras, darkroom and misc. items in a “time capsule” of pre digital yearbook goodness.

I took some of my antique cameras and a couple of pinhole cameras on vacation to Montana this summer. I am in the process of getting those rolls developed, and will show off what I was able to capture while on my summer adventures.

I also had a busy personal life outside the shop, and have been playing catch up all summer. We all know how that can be….

Thanks to all my shop patrons this year. I enjoy finding unique and interesting antique camera finds and sharing them with all of you. Analog is having a “Renaissance” and I am happy to see so many younger generation folks starting in film photography for the first time.

If you ever have a film camera question, please send an email. I am always happy to help out. I’ve made photos with just about every camera from the 1850’s to the present, so I have tackled many of the issues faced with these unique cameras and systems. You can reach me at

Enjoy your antique cameras, and happy shooting!




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