Analog and Letterpress while on vacation


While on a family vacation, it is a great time to take a diversion and explore a museum. Especially one that involves printing, type, newspapers and presses! Well… not everyone was as enthusiastic about it, including my two teenage kids. So, while they went into town and explored a few other sites, I was dropped off at the Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum in Queenston, ON.

It is in the home of William Lyon Mackenzie. The first mayor of Toronto and the “firebrand” publisher of “The Colonial Advocate” newspaper published in the mid 19th century.


On display they have several printing items: Cases of type, a Linotype and Ludow casting machine, smaller table top presses and a hand fed press. They also have the oldest printing press in Canada – An English Common Press called the “Louis Roy Press” built in the 1760’s. It was used to print Upper Canada’s first newspaper.

The museum hosts were fantastic. They gave me a run down on the printing history and let me print a book mark on one of the tabletop presses.

While at Niagra Falls, NY I met Chi Wong and his son Arby from Brooklyn, NY. Chi was shooting with a 1968 Nikon F body and we talked a bit about analog photography. I made two pictures with my Instax mini and gave one to Chi and Arby as a gift for spending 15 minutes talking to me about analog camera stuff.

Overall it was a fantastic trip (family stops and all) A great way to mix family, fun and analog goodness!

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