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Kaweco Classic Sport, the perfect pocket fountain pen

My Kaweco Classic Sport overlooking Köln, Germany. It was fun to bring this pen back to the country where it was made.

I love older proven technology.

I have a good friend that says that I do anything that takes twice as long, and pick the most difficult processes ever invented. Ha! Honestly I tend to agree.

I love fountain pens. I have a only a few, and they aren’t anything special when compared to some folks that have both expensive and extensive pen collections. What I do love about them, however, is how they write, especially on good writing paper.

Fountain pens also fit in my wheelhouse for long lasting non disposable equipment. I own camera, darkroom and photography items that were produced over the last 75 years or so. The whole idea of using and keeping a pen for a lifetime fits in nicely with my personal feelings about using items that last, and can be reused multiple times. I also enjoy how they can be refilled with ink. Such a refreshing idea when compared to the multitude of plastic single use pens on the market.

My current favorite pen is a Kaweco Classic Sport, which as others have pointed out is “the perfect pocket pen.” Kaweco has been making pens in Germany since 1883 and the Sport since the 1930’s. Mine is black with a gold clip and a gold steel fine nib.

Because the pen cap is large, it both makes the pen full sized in length when writing, and very compact when closed. The cap also screws onto the body of the pen, keeping the pen closed and preventing it from opening up while being carried around. The pen measures 4 inches when closed, and 5 1/4 inches with the cap posted.

A nice EDC pen which fits nicely in my pocket.

I bought a set of mini international cartridges, and plan to syringe fill from an ink bottle once the cartridges are exhausted. This way I can keep the plastic out of the landfill, and use the empty cartridges many times over.

It is the perfect EDC (Every Day Carry) pen that fits perfectly in my front pants pocket. It is barely larger than a tube of ChapStick, and a nice companion with my mini Victorinox Midnite Manager@work pocket knife.

The pen posted on my Rhodia notepad.

I’ve had the pen for the last three months and have carried it with me every day since. I use it to jot notes, write in my journal, and find it such a pleasant writing experience. The screw top is nice insurance against the pen opening up accidentally, and I have had no spills or ink leaks, which is exactly what I was looking for in an every day pen I carry in my pocket.

Kaweco short international cartridges are a perfect fit.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the slower more deliberate writing style with a fountain pen while keeping a few plastic bits out of the waste stream at the same time. I hope to use this pen for a lifetime.

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  1. Nice! Now you have me interested in seeking out one. 😉 Actually, they look like a good value, around $25. I like the idea of an inexpensive fountain pen, as I already have enough interests and don’t need to go down a new rabbit hole.

    The inexpensive fountain pen I’ve been using a lot these last few months is the one sold at MUJI, a Japanese clothing/home goods/stationery store (they have one here in Portland):
    Kaweco Sport Classic
    It’s about $15 and produces a nice line, one that you can vary the width. I’ve had a few knockabout cheap ones of different brands, and they never produced a consistent line. So finding one at this price that works as it should is great.


    • Yes, like cameras or any other item of interest one can quickly fall down the rabbit hole 👍.

      I’ve heard mixed reviews about the nibs on Kaweco pens. So far I really like this one. My only complaint is it can be a hard starter after a few minutes with the cap off. Say after pausing for 5 minutes while taking notes. Otherwise it has been fantastic. I have some Pilot Naminki ink that I will syringe fill after this cartridge is empty. I’ve used it in other pens and don’t have the dry out issue. Hoping it helps a bit.

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