photo of the day

Photo of the day: lake view from the shore

Lake view from the woods, 35mm negative

It was a fall day out at the lake. The wind was calm, and the sun was starting to fade. The lake was like glass, as I shot through a tumbled tree along the shoreline.

I enjoy the connection to the Earth when I am out with my cameras. Usually I hike alone, and refrain from pulling out my phone to check on the rest of the world as it spins on by without me. I also carry a journal, and jot down notes, stories or poetry when it strikes me.

Each frame is precious when shooting with film, whether it is with 35mm, medium format or large format. There is no screen on the back to view and delete. Just frame, check the light, and make the image.

We all have our zen time. This is it for me. Tranquil, calm, thoughtful moments of creativity.

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